Welcome to the Maltby Community Club!

The Maltby Community Club is an all volunteer, non-profit organization, dedicated to keeping the Maltby Community Center maintained and usable by the community. The club itself is the Organization for Cub Scout Pack 39 and Boy Scout Troop 39, which meet at the Club regularly.

The Club is incorporated as a non-profit, dedicated to providing for our community and promoting culture, wholesome entertainment, recreation and educational values for children, teens and adults. The Club also serves as a forum for discussions and meetings on topics of interest of the surrounding community for the enhancement of family living. . . .with membership open to everyone.

Where we are at:

The Maltby Community Center is located at 8711 206th St SE Snohomish, WA. We are in the Maltby area of Snohomish County, just 6 blocks north of the Maltby Cafe, which means we are just a few minutes from Woodinville and Bothell.

Community Center Rentals:

The Community Center and its facilities are available for anyone to rent.
We commonly rent for private parties, weddings and wedding receptions and a few public events as well.

The community center has these ammenities:

Plese click on the Renting the Club link for more details.